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The dedicated and hard-working members of the Megargel Volunteer Fire Department put in many hours of training at the fire station and in classrooms. The result is a highly skilled group of unpaid experts who are prepared to fight fires, respond to medical emergencies, assist at accidents and provide assistance in virtually any area emergency.

Members of the department, ??? at last count, attend drills at the fire station on the third Monday of the month. Volunteers learn from their peers about fighting fires, how to best utilize the variety of firefighting equipment on-hand, maintaining and repairing equipment, and responding to other emergency situations. Occasionally volunteers of the department attend drills and classes in other locations in the area, county and state.

The Megargel Volunteer Fire Department practices year round to handle a wide variety of emergencies, wildland fires, structure fires, auto accidents, household emergencies and virtually any other situation in which someone may be injured. The vast majority of local responses are for non-injury, grassland fire emergencies. Several Megargel Volunteer Fire Department volunteers are EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) trained to stabilize accident and medical emergency victims until an ambulance and/or paramedics can arrive. For critical situations, a helicopter air ambulance is also available.

Burn Ban Status

Burn Ban Status

Please contact the Archer County Sheriff at (940) 574-2571 to notify them if you're performing a controlled burn when burn ban is not in effect.

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Megargel Volunteer Fire Dept.
902 Cedar Street - P.O. Box 95
Megargel, Texas 76370
  Tel: (940) 562-5514
  Fax: (940) 562-5515
  Email: info@megargelvfd.com
  Website: www.megargelvfd.com

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